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Welcome to Life Improvement For Empowerment (LIFE)! 

We providing one-stop training solutions for all your language and skills needs. After having been in the officially training centre organisation for the year, I know well what it takes to provide efficient training centre/organisation.

Why choose LIFE Organisation? At LIFE organisation, we gather only the best skills in town. We put in place and adhere strictly to our code of conducts for training centre and to the quality control mechanism. All documents must be prepared by experienced instructors in the fields and then the training will be revised by a senior reviser. The revised version will be proofread by a native supervisor of respective target skills.  We are capable of handling large volume training centre while meeting the needed.

Our instructor have years of experience in rendering teaching skills in each fields and other high-profile settings.

LIFE Organisation also provides a wide range of other complementary services. The fact that I do not highlight them here does not at all mean we do not have expertise in them. It is just because we know for sure those are more frequently engaged services than others. We do not do what we don’t know well at LIFE. We handle our job professionally, conscientiously, and meticulously.

We look forward to working with you. Our expertise is at your disposal!

Truly Yours,

Chairman & CEO




USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Professional Office Management and Secretarial affairs

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Sales Skills Mastery

USD 68     Early Bird Registration

Purchasing and Contract Management Skills

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Property Valuation Training

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

The Ladder To A Successful Career

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Professional Tax on Profit

USD 150     Early Bird Registration

Interpersonal Communication Skills for effective team building

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Practical Internal Audit and Control System

USD 220     Early Bird Registration

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