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At LIFE training and consulting we believe that our employees and clients are the most important factor in the success of the organization. We maintain this relationship by treating our employees and clients as individuals, with dignity, respect and fairness.


As a representative of LIFE training and consulting, you should understand our service and the commitments to which we adhere as a leader in our industry. Each employee is responsible for upholding all our organization commitments and consistently behaving in a way that supports these ideals:

To our clients we are committed:

  • To provide quality training and consulting services
  • To provide high services; and
  • To make every client feel welcome and looked after and support.
  • To build their potential more improvement and productive
  • To build their success in life, family, business, and sociality


To our employees we are committed:

  • To recruit, hire, train, and promote based solely on individual qualification and performance;
  • To assure reasonable, fair, and consistent treatment;
  • To pay fair compensation; and
  • To provide a good working environment

To the founder of LIFE training and consulting we are committed:

  • To provide highly competent and professional management of the organization which has been entrusted to our services
  • To develop the business through careful, but imaginative planning; and
  • To earn a sound profit.


Living up to these commitments is the responsibility of every employee of LIFE training and consulting. In doing so, each employee must adhere to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity and avoid any situation which might reflect unfavorably on LIFE training and consulting. LIFE training and consulting’s business goals are important and demanding, but they must not be achieved at the expense of ethical standards.


LIFE training and consulting is committed to providing a work environment that encourages and practices open communication between employees and managements. Managements strive to deal with you directly in an atmosphere of trust, understanding, respect and professionalism. We help create this environment by:

  • Keeping you informed of issues concerning you, your department and the company;
  • Listening to your concerns and being responsive to them;
  • Providing feedback regarding your performance and contributions;
  • Providing open lines of communication up and down the company.

As an employee you play an important part in creating this atmosphere by:

  • Communicating promptly with management when problems arise (either with your direct supervisor or the team);
  • Treating all your fellow employees, clients and customers with respect;
  • Complying with organizational policies and procedures and conducting your-self in a responsible and professional manner.



USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Professional Office Management and Secretarial affairs

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Sales Skills Mastery

USD 68     Early Bird Registration

Purchasing and Contract Management Skills

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Property Valuation Training

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

The Ladder To A Successful Career

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Professional Tax on Profit

USD 150     Early Bird Registration

Interpersonal Communication Skills for effective team building

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Practical Internal Audit and Control System

USD 220     Early Bird Registration

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