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Customize and Public Training Solutions


In LIFE Training and Consulting Center, 'public programs' can refer to any participatory educational activities that are offered to the visiting public, either free or for an additional charge, often as an enhancement to an exhibition or object on display.

Working exclusive for one company, provides the opportunity to modify contents and emphasis to suit the needs of each organization. The training is presented and discuss against the experiences within the company and therefore seen as completely consistent and relevant to clients' requirements.

Aims and objectives for this paper are to establish a public program development strategy for LIFE that will do the following:

  • Contribution of public in the creation of a diverse social identity
  • Strengthen community by engaging in inclusive and transparent  decision-making
  • Support creative thinking throughout the process of developing public programs
  • Foster an inclusive, reciprocal relationship between practitioners and audience, and
  • Involve the audience in the creative process in order to encourage ownership and pride in the project and place

Customized training programs are designed to consolidate and integrate the key issues of the learning objectives, which are then linked to organizational strategy and culture, in order to be fully effective. Programs can be follow-up to ensure that the needed change takes place

The benefits of customized training are considerable:

For The Company

  • Leadership and motivation
  • Effective Coach in one organization
  • Increased workforce loyalty
  • Improved business performance
  • Increase Productivities

For the employees

  • Enhanced personal skills
  • Individual sense of achievement
  • they acquire new skills
  • Renewed ambition
  • Positive Mind-Set
  • Increased job satisfaction

We can arrange customized and quality training courses to suit your schedule and achieve the learning objectives. They can be conducted at our center, clients' premises or at a venue of your choices.

Out Sourcing Training

For organizations who wish to outsource part of their training activities, we offer a comprehensive training and consultancy package that includes: Identifying Training Needs; Developing Total Training Plans; Implementation of Training Plans; and Co-ordination and Administration of Training Programs.


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Life Improvement for Empowerment (LIFE) is a local non-organization found and officially registered with Ministry of Interior on 12/ Dec 2012. We have been providing non-stop vocational training solutions including many languages and required skills. We have been experiencing in training to a variety of individuals, fresh graduates, NGO and private company staff through public and customized training workshops.

Why choose LIFE for training provider? At LIFE training and consulting center, we gather only the best skills for practical trainings. We put in place and adhere strictly to our code of conducts for training center and to the quality control mechanism. In fact, our experienced instructors have prepared all training materials and handouts from their professional experiences or lessons learned.  We are capable of handling large volume training center while meeting the needed.

LIFE Vision

LIFE is a training center and independent HR consulting and educational development organization dedicated to maximizing the performance of individuals and organizations.

LIFE is to be instrumental in the empowerment of individuals, and to educate and develop excellent staffs, supervisors, managers, and leaders for human development.

LIFE is committed to providing quality of education and consultation, virtue and humanity which will bring real development to Cambodia and worldwide. Our value is to build success to all everyone as it says LIFE's slogan: "LIFE - Building Your Success"!

LIFE Mission

Our mission is to provide and consult local and international participants and students with the wherewithal to manage their business, career and life successfully and effectively. Achieving these goals, we will ensure a sustainable and growing benefit to our shareholders, our staff and the stakeholders at large. We will at all times observe the highest principles of ethical behavior, respect for society, the law and the environment.


LIFE Goals

With clear vision and defined mission, we strongly believe that the participants and students who graduate from LIFE will gain the high quality of education in accordance with national and international standards. Furthermore, participants and students who study at LIFE will possibly be 100% employed. When finishing studies from LIFE, the participants and students will become good citizens and leaders with high morality, virtues, and full of ability in general knowledge, English language, computer and specific skills related. In addition, they can use their abilities effectively to face the challenges in both national and international

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USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Professional Office Management and Secretarial affairs

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Sales Skills Mastery

USD 68     Early Bird Registration

Purchasing and Contract Management Skills

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Property Valuation Training

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

The Ladder To A Successful Career

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Professional Tax on Profit

USD 150     Early Bird Registration

Interpersonal Communication Skills for effective team building

USD 199     Early Bird Registration

Practical Internal Audit and Control System

USD 220     Early Bird Registration

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